Thursday, March 29, 2007

Physical Appearance

Those who are born under the jurisdiction of Gemini are usually slender in build and of average height, or slightly taller. The body shape will almost invariably be somewhat thin with a short trunk and long limbs. The stance is normally erect...straight and upright. Gemini subjects possess a certain litheness of limb and movement, with the arms often seeming to be slim and unusually lengthy, giving the appearance of being loosely connected at the shoulders. There is also a tendency for Gemini individuals to swing their arms in a long sweeping motion when they walk. Gemini features are finely-chiseled with soft and pleasing proportions. The eyes are normally light in color with extraordinarily dark and long lashes. This will frequently give the Gemini woman a somewhat feline appearance and even the males of this sign often possess eyelashes that would be the envy of any female. The nose is usually straight and narrow (occasionally displaying something of a hook), ranging from long to dainty, but never sharp in character. The chin will normally be well-proportioned and reserved, while the jaw-line itself is often pointed. The general countenance is one of alertness and intelligence...indeed, there is a high degree of sensibility in all Gemini features. There is also likely to be a fine bone structure associated with Gemini natives which, coupled with light movements, will often set these individuals apart from subjects of other Zodiac Signs. The facial expression of a Gemini individual is frequently charmingly childlike and he or she is quick to smile. The ears tend to be somewhat larger that the accepted norm, but the physique of a Gemini will customarily remain slim even when the food intake begins to cross the limits. The overall look of Gemini individuals is quick-moving and sharp. In general, those governed by this Sign tend to appear years younger than they actually are, being able to wear youthful fashions almost indefinitely with a great deal of success

The legs of many Gemini natives could be referred to as "birdlike," frequently with visible veins due to the thin character of this Sign's skin. There is seldom any tendency toward overweight for those who are governed by this Sign...due in large part to their abundance of nervous energy. The body of a Gemini subject could probably be best described as wiry, being agile in appearance and well-shaped, although the overall physical character may exude a frail quality. The head is often long and narrow between the ears with a wide mouth and high cheekbones. The hands have a tendency to be small while the fingers are likely to be slender and somewhat longer than average. The face may sport a cleft in the chin...or even the nose, which tends, at times, to emit a reddish tinge. The hair of a Gemini individual is usually finely-textured and can be anywhere from light to dark brown in color. However, there is often a tendency toward greyness rather early in life. The Gemini complexion is usually moderate...neither too fair nor overly-swarthy... but is inclined toward the lighter shades. The eyes of a Gemini native are normally very attractive, customarily blue or hazel in color, with eyebrows that seem to naturally form a perfect arch. The teeth may not be overly-strong since this Sign has a tendency to lack calcium content. The voice is typically light and frequently is not unusual for the tone to even become quite shrill during periods of over-excitement. However, the Gemini voice is a very adaptable one and many natives are excellent mimics. The speech rate of this Sign is usually rapid and there is an unfortunate tendency for Gemini subjects to interrupt the conversations of others. The majority of people born under the jurisdiction of this Sign would be considered handsome individuals. The female is invariably short of stature, while remaining very graceful, and during youth, Gemini subjects are often extremely lean in build, displaying a rather restless manner.

To some extent, the above descriptions are influenced and affected by the qualities associated with the Decan into which the Gemini individual falls. (To read more about the qualities associated with the Decans of Gemini, please click on the link given below.)

A subject born within the First Decan (May 23 to June 1...also known as the Gemini Decante of Gemini) is likely to be medium-tall to tall in height and heavy-boned with a broad physique. There is a distinct tendency to plumpness and obesity with this Decan, unlike the customary Gemini tendency not to put on weight. Another prominent feature is an unusually broad jaw, but comparatively small chin. The arms will be relatively long with short feet and somewhat "pudgy" hands. The voice here is extremely clear with precise and usually correct speech. These natives are seldom at a loss for something to say, even if they know little about the subject in question. The nose of those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan is usually straight and pointed. There tends to be a rather youthful appearance associated with this Decan and its natives are often left-handed or even ambidextrous. As with the other two Decans of Gemini, these First Decan individuals will be mentally quick and curious, possessing a very direct and fearless gaze.

A subject born within the Second Decan (June 2 to June 11...also known as the Libra Decante of Gemini) is likely to be identified by a broad build. The height will be medium-tall to tall. The eyelids of those who are governed by this Decan often droop on the outside corners, giving the appearance of pointing upward in the middle. There is a tendency here for a large chin and the eyebrows will frequently move up in the center while this native is talking. The nose of this Decan is fairly strong and quite prominent. Bone structure and skin texture are invariably good and the teeth are well-formed. The voice may be unusually well-balanced...even musical. As with the other two Decans of Gemini, those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Second Decan will be mentally quick and curious, possessing a very direct and fearless gaze.

A subject born within the Third Decan (June 12 to June 21...also known as the Aquarius Decante of Gemini) can be anywhere in height from short to medium to tall. However, the build will invariably be slender and the nose pointed (a facial feature particularly associated with Aquarius). The overall effect will be that of an individual who is thin and birdlike and who may appear smaller than his or her actual height. Natives of this Third Decan usually have some essentially striking physical unusual eye color perhaps or an abundance of hair which grows in a unique fashion. Regardless, this unusual feature is sure to draw the attention of others...possibly rather more than these subjects would prefer at times. The countenance is normally friendly and a smile comes easily to the faces of these natives, displaying their outstandingly attractive teeth. As with the other two Decans of Gemini, those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Third Decan will be mentally quick and curious, possessing a very direct and fearless gaze.